GI table for cereals and sugars

Should you choose rice or wheat? Bulgur or quinoa? If you eat according to the GI principle, there is a lot to keep track of. This table is GI values compiled from various GI authors.

Pasta, soy (GI value: 29)
Potatoes, cold (GI value: 30)
Quinoa (GI value: 34)
Buckwheat (GI value: 38/55)
Pasta, whole grains (GI value: 38/40)
Pasta with egg (GI value: 40-50)
Pasta, white (GI value: 41)
Macaroni (GI value: 47)
Bulgur, whole (GI value: 48)
Bulgur, shared (GI value: 48)
Pasta with wheat (GI value: 49)
Oats (GI value: 50)
Rice, whole grains (GI value: 50)
Rice, Avorio (GI value: 50)
Noodles (GI value: 57)
Rice, Basmati (GI value: 58)
Rice, brown rice (GI value: 59)
Noodles, rice (GI value: 61)
Wholegrain bread, unsweetened – with wheat flour (GI value: 64)
Couscous (GI value: 65)
Couscous, whole grains (GI value:60)
Rice, white (GI value: 71)
Rice, instant rice (GI value: 93)
Potatoes, Baked (GI value: 98)

Do you have different values, or values for different products? PLEASE let me know and I will add them to the list!

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