Vegetarian recipes for a meatless Monday or a fully fledged vegetarians

As vegetarian food should be: good for mind, body and nature – making it easy to be healthy and of course with a good dose of mindfulness and healthy living.

This blog is aimed at carnivorians – who are doing a meatless Monday, beginner vegetarians – who want to learn how to compose a good vegetarian meal and fully fledged vegetarians – who want to find good recipes.

Quite often vegetarian recipes are “Pasta with broccoli”. Nice, but where are the proteins? I think a good vegetarian recipe should have these ingredients: healthy, easy to cook and yummy:

  • Real ingredients – no processed food.
  • A good variation of vegetables. A lot of different colours = a lot of different antioxidants.
  • Ingredients that are easy to find – you shouldn’t have to turn every stone to find algae or some other obscure ingredient.
  • Nutritious composition – a recipe should contain good protein, slow carbohydrates and good fats.
  • Relatively quick to make – half an hour or slightly more, there are other things that are important in life too!
  • Yummy and tasty with a good seasoning!
  • Thought. And that means putting your mind to the cooking and incorporating some fun and mindfulness in the recipes.

And who am I? I’m an unusually ordinary mum blogging about stuff that hopefully will help or be of use to other mums. Life, food, environment, health, training, stress and other stuff that shows up in a perfectly ordinary life – even though this blog is just about food. Do come with suggestions on stuff you want to read more about!
I won’t blog once a week just for the sake of it, I rather share when I have something I think may be of use. Hope you like!

I would also like to know who you are!

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