Free stuff

A couple of things you can get for free that may help you in your daily life:

Memo for learning letters
Memo with lettersLearning letters should be fun. Memorizing by playing. At least my kids get motivated by fun games. That’s why I made this memo. It pairs capital letters with lower case letters. And, since most kids usually win memo games they have fun whilst learning.
Get the free memo here




To do list
To do lists are great for getting stuff out of your head and getting it done. This is a to do list is made for one person that has recurring tasks to be done. I.e. something that happens every week or every month. It’s an easy way to keep track of what is left to do and not letting stuff slip. It can also be used to make sure you get your yoga class or jog done every week, so don’t just fill it with housework, make sure you plan in some fun time too!
Get the free “To do list” here




Who’s turn… in sharing housework list
Sharing housework can be tough. To make it fair you can use the “Who’s turn…?” lists. Using the “Who’s turn…?” list will make sure that the work is evenly divided between the members of the household, hopefully minimizing any quarrels about it, so you can focus on the fun stuff in life.
Get the free “Who’s turn…?” list here


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