How to “recycle” yesterdays dinner and get more time left over

MorotsplättarThe healthiest food is probably the one you cook yourself. Restaurant food is often full of hardened fats and not always the best quality on the ingredients. To cook an adequate meal each night takes time – and time seems to always be lacking. With a bit of planning and recycling you can save a lot of time.

Let’s say you will eat vegetarian for 3 nights:

Day 1: Vegetarian burgers. You cook the burgers and Coleslaw. Cook enough to last until the next day. Eat the burgers and the coleslaw with hamburger bread buns.

Day 2: Roasted vegetables. Make enough roasted vegetables for it to last until the next day. Eat the veggies with the burgers and coleslaw from the night before.

rostade-gronsakerDay 3: Vegetable soup. Use the left over roasted vegetables to make a soup. This is not just any soup, it is absolutely lovely with the roasted sweet potatoes and the onion. If you want to increase the amount of protein you get with this meal, make some cottage cheese pancakes for dessert. Again, make a little extra, they are great to heat up and have for breakfast.

More examples of recycling food from yesterday is to make a chilli or soy bolognese and the next day use it to make a lasagna.

You probably get the idea now anyhow. What you cook one day you recycle the next into a different meal.

Cupboard chilli – vegetarian and ready in 15 minutes

Bean chilliNot in the mood for going shopping? “Nothing” in the cupboards? This chilli you can probably make just rummaging around in the cupboards.
As a low fat alternative that is also rich in protein you can use Quark 1% instead of Turkish yogurt.
Also perfect for your lunchbox tomorrow!

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Warm salad with lentils, pistachios, grapes and feta cheese

Green lentils with grapes and nuts A lukewarm salad good for both lunch and dinner, all year ’round.
Should there be some leftovers, it’s perfect for a lunchbox for tomorrow at work! Save the salad separately from the feta cheese, so you can warm the salad slightly and then sprinkle over the feta cheese.
Cooking time: 30 minutes if you use dried green lentils. 20 minutes if you buy precooked lentils or precook them yourself.
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