Fried “raw food salad” with beans and quinoa

Fried rawfood salad with beans and quinoaThis salad is a lightly fried raw food salad – at which point it no longer qualifies as raw food. It feels a little more like a meal than when it is served cold. The salad can be eaten for lunch or as a side dish.
You can vary this recipe using any vegetables you like, use whatever is in season.
Cooking time: 30 minutes, 20 minutes if you have precooked quinoa.
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Mindfulness, food and cooking

mindfulness-sCooking is something many of us do every day. It can be challenging to whip something good together when you feel stressed about other aspects of your life. But, that can change.

If you change your attitude towards cooking and see it as an opportunity to take a break from the every day stress, you can turn it into a relaxing activity. Put on some soft music. Take a few deep breaths.

Rushing doesn’t save time. It only increases your stress level. This book includes exercises and mindful tips alongside recipes. Why not try them!
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