Sitting still can kill you

stolBoth adults and children spend more than half their awake time sitting down. To counter this, the earlier recommendations were to be active 30 minutes a few times a week – focus has been on exercising regularly. But now scientists are changing and spending more time analyzing the time we sit. If you sit all day it’s no longer enough to go to the gym a few times a week.

In the ”Canada fitness survey” 17 013 people were examined and the result was that if you sit still you increase the possibility of dying in cardiovascular diseases (your heart!) with 50%. It’s even worse if you some, are stressed or overweight.

The scientists now recommend taking a break at least once an hour. Walk about the office or fetch a glass of water. If you’re sitting still in front of the TV, get up during the commercial break and move about.

You know all this already, right? And the suggestions are quite easy fixes. But, do you do it? Didn’t think so… The difficulty – at least for me – was to break the work pace in front of the computer. The one thing that worked was to set the alarm on my mobile. An ordinary cooking timer works too. I get very focused when I work and easily forget to take a break. Now I set the alarm on 25 minutes, put the mobile on the other side of the room and start work. After 25 minutes the alarm goes off. The sound is so annoying I just have to get up and turn it off. And, once I’m up I may as well go and fetch the paper in the printer and make a cup tea. There, I got my break. Do try and let me know how it goes.
Oh, yes… why 25 minutes? Read more about the Pomodoro method to find out why!