Vegetarian Soups – 10 filling soups

Vegetarian Soups – 10 filling soups

Vegetarian Soups - 10 filling soups”Soups are great all year round and this book has some tasty and filling new recipes to try out. When the soup is simmering – treat yourself to some everyday luxury with relaxing mindfulness practices included in the recipes.”

Making vegetarian soups is not difficult. But, to make them a filling meal can be a challenge. ”Vegetarian soups – 10 filling soups” contains 10 recipes of filling soups, all easy to cook and healthy. If you feel you want to increase your protein intake this book includes an extra recipe for protein rich bread. Recipes included:

  • Borlotti bean soup with parsley
  • Classic lentil soup
  • Lentil soup with coconut milk and ginger
  • Cauliflower soup with leek and thyme
  • Green pea soup with horseradish cream
  • Pumpkin soup – perfect Halloween food
  • Autumn soup on Jerusalem artichokes and mushrooms
  • 2-in-1 recipe: Roasted vegetables and autumn vegetable soup
  • Kale soup with egg
  • Luxurious broccoli soup with feta cheese and hazelnuts
    + 1 extra recipe:  Protein bread with plenty of seeds

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