To do list

To do lists are great for getting stuff out of your head and getting it done. This is a to do list is made for one person that has recurring tasks to be done. I.e. something that happens every week or every month. It’s an easy way to keep track of what is left to do and not letting stuff slip. It can also be used to make sure you get your yoga class or jog done every week, so don’t just fill it with housework, make sure you plan in some fun time too!

  • Print out the “Stuff to do” list in A4 or letter size.
  • Fill it out with tasks to be done in the first column. Add both necessary stuff like cleaning and fun stuff like going jogging, or calling someone you have not spoken to for ages.
  • Stick it to the fridge with magnets.
  • Cover the middle column with magnets.
  • When you’ve done a task, for example “Get groceries”, you move the magnet to the right column and you can read a little praise for what you’ve done.
  • When the week has ended you start all over again by moving all the magnets back to the middle column.
  • Good luck!

Get the “Stuff to do” list free (2.1 Mb).

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