Rose hip drink full of vitamin C and antioxidants

Rose hip bushTake care of the autumn crop of rose hip and harvest vitamins from nature. Cook a rose hip drink without sugar. Rose hips are full of vitamin C, beta carotene and flavonoids. They are also said to be good for joints, and especially the beach rose hips.
The cooking time is not including the time for picking the rose hips.
Cooking time 60 minutes for 3 portions

Nutritional value 1 portion: 183 kcal
44 g (99 E%)
0 g (0 E%)
1 g (1 E%)
*This calculation is very approximate. Partly because it is hard to find a reference for how many calories rose hips contain, and partly because it is hard to know how much of the content is strained away. The calculation is the maximum number of calories, that is if everything is left and nothing strained away.


  • 500 ml / 5 oz rose hips
  • 5 dates

Cooking instructionsHow to

  1. Find a nice rose hip bush far from traffic and pollution and pick the rose hips. They are ripe in the autumn but can be picked in the winter as well. Take a moment to be mindful when you pick the rose hips and be present with what you are doing. Enjoy harvesting nature and cooking in a very environmentally friendly way. It does feel good, doesn’t it?
  2. Rinse 500 ml / 5 oz rose hips and cut them in half. Chop 5 dates (10 if you want a sweet drink) and boil in 500 ml / 2 cups of water. Let the drink simmer for 15 minutes and let it rest for at least 30 minutes, preferably longer. Strain the drink through a tea strainer or a coffee filter.
  3. Drink the rose hip soup as it is. The rose hip drink keeps in the fridge for about 3 days.

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