Super easy sprouting

sprout alfalfaseedsSprouts are filled with nutritions. With sprouts you always have vitamins nearby. In the shop they are not cheap and not always fresh. The solution is to sprout yourself. It’s super easy and no unnecessary equipment is needed. Just bear in mind that bacteria grow easily in moist places, so keep the jar clean and rinse often.

Soak the sprouts

Soak half a tablespoon of alfalfa seeds over night or for at least 8 hours. A glas jar works fine. You don’t need to buy any expensive sprouting beds or other equipment.

Rinse the sprouts

After 8 hours rinse the seeds though a tea strainer a couple of times and put them back in the glas jar. Store the jar in a dark cupboard. Rinse the seeds morning and night.

After a few days the sprouts are ready to eat

After a couple of days you have fresh sprouts to eat. If you want them to be a little greener, take them out in the light, otherwise store them in the cupboard and rinse them morning and night. Eat them within 2-3 days. Could it be easier?

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