Ghee – ayurvedic purified yoga butter

ghee lasts 3 weeksGhee is clarified butter and often used in India and South Asia. According to yoga ghee is sāttvik food and good for your body. Ghee is also used in ayurvedic food. The milk solids are separated from the fat and the unpurities removed. According to yoga it eases digestion and makes it easier for the body to benefit from the nutrients and is called “the liquid gold”. Regardless of if you are interested in yoga food or not, it’s good. Use it on your sandwich or in cooking.


  • 500 / 16 oz unsalted butter

Cooking instructionsHow to

Melt the butter in a pan with thick bottom on medium heat.

Melt the butter in a pan with thick bottom on medium heat.

Ghee purified butter

When the butter has melted, lower the heat and let it boil lightly for 20 minutes. Remove the froth that raises to the surface now and then. Don’t stir or let it get burned.

ghee yoga butter

When the butter is transparent it is ready.
Filter it into a jar.

ghee auyrvedic butter

It can take a little while for the butter to go though the filter.

Take a moment to be mindful while you are waiting for the butter to filter. Sit on a chair and practise yoga breath. Breathe in through your nose. Fill your stomach with air first and then your chest and finally all the way up to your collarbones. Empty out the air in the opposite order, collarbones, chest and last stomach. Take a short paus between in and out breath and out and in breath. Breath yoga breath for a few minutes.

pure butter

The impurities remains in the filter.

ghee lasts 3 weeks

Your ghee is ready! Don’t store it in the fridge. It will last 3 weeks in the cupboard. Enjoy!

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