Build a bumblebee nest… that looks like a bumblebee too!

Build a bumblebee nestBumblebees are great for nature. They pollinate fruit and flowers, but there are fewer and fewer places for them to nest. Help them out by building a bumblebee nest. Works even if you don’t have your own garden!

Step by step instructions!

Bumblebee nest

Start with a round quite thick piece of wood.

Bees and nature

Round the corners of the wood and sand it smooth with sandpaper.

Build nest bees

Find a piece of metal, for example a piece of drain or other metal.

Bumblebee nest with wings

Cut out wings from the metal.

Bumblebees and bees

Mark 3 holes in the metal.

bumblebee wings

Drill 3 holes in the wings.

bees and honey

Fasten the wings and bend them.

Wings of a bumblebee

Flatten the wings with a hammer.

Dimension bumble bee holes.

Drill holes as eyes for the bumblebees to crawl into. The holes should be 12-15 mm and as deep as possible.

Bumblebees in winter

The bumblebees can live in the holes in the winter.

Bumblebee antenna

Take a piece of wire and bend it.

bee antenna

Bend the ends so they are not sharp.

bumblebee antenna

Cut the bumblebee antenna to size.

Body, wings antenna bumblebee

Now the body, wings and antennas are done.

fasten wings

Fasten the wings with some nails.

fasten antennas

Pre-drill some holes for the antennas.

antennas insects

Hammer the antennas in place.

fasten bumblebee

Screw in some hooks to fasten the bumblebee with.

happy wooden bumblebees

Two happy wooden bumblebees.

happy children

Two happy children. Ruben and Maxi.

Build a bumblebee nest

The bumblebee fastened on a rail with some string, waiting for the bumblebees to move in!

Here you can watch the film on YouTube:

Have fun and let us know how it works out!


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