TG I’m not a vegetarian in Denmark!

danish sausagesDanish countryside is beautiful, but as a vegetarian it’s not so easy to get by on eating out.
There are plenty of meat options on any given menu, grilled, fries and boiled sausages, ribs and steak.
A pescetarian (vegetarian but also eat fish and seafood) would also do well. Fish patties, pickled herring, grava lax and scampi are on most menus, though one scampi sallad came with 5 scampi and 15 pieces of some kind of undefined meat in it!
Shopping for a barbecue was not much easier. The plan was to grill Halloumi, but after searching through the whole store I asked a guy and the answer came back:
“Never heard of it.”

I tried rephrasing the question:
“Do you have any sort of cheese that can be grilled?”

“Do you have any soy sausages?”

“ANY vegetarian sausages?”
“Anything vegetarian at all?”
I ended up serving barbecued corn on the cob….
On another note, finding organic produce was also hard and recycling is not easy either, the only thing that gets recycled it glass! 😦
Time to shape up Denmark! 🙂


2 thoughts on “TG I’m not a vegetarian in Denmark!

  1. Must admit we can do better, but you must have been very far out on the country. I live on the Westcoast of Denmark, a place where we are always a bit behind on new trends compared to Copenhagen and Aarhus Area. However, I’m vegetarian and still surviving. We have a lot of stores, even big food stores like brugsen, Kvickly etc., that does a lot in both vegetarian and organic food. Also on the recycling part we have huge recycling places in every city, that are open every day for everyone to bring their stuff for recycling, so maybe it’s information on how to find these things that you have missed, ’cause what you describe is simply not the true picture of Denmark. Even if you are right that we could do better, who can’t?


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