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I hope you enjoyed reading this and that it provided inspiration and new recipe ideas. You can find more tasty recipes at and also in these cookbooks:

The Daily Vegetarian

The Daily Vegetarian - 10 easy to cook recipes10 easy to cook recipes:
”A unique cookbook combining good green vegetarian dishes with mindfulness. A new way of experiencing peace and quiet whilst cooking.”
“The Daily Vegetarian – 10 easy to cook recipes” contains a mix of stews, burgers, and oven baked recipes. ”The Daily Vegetarian” is an attempt to make the every day cooking easier. With 10 easy recipes, cooking healthy and tasty vegetarian food will be a real pleasure. If you are a beginner vegetarian it will give you a couple basic ideas before exploring vegetarian cooking further. The experienced vegetarian will love the variety of these recipes too.

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Fast Food Vegetarian

Fast Food Vegetarian - 10 recipes under 30 minutes10 recipes under 30 minutes:
”This book is unmissable for those who want to cook quick, good and healthy food every day. These recipes include relaxing mindfulness tips to help make everyday life a little calmer.”
Sometimes it can be a challenge to find enough time in the day to prepare a healthy, nutritious and tasty meal. ”Fast Food Vegetarian – 10 recipes under 30 minutes” contains 10 easy to cook and healthy recipes containing enough protein for vegetarians, each taking less than half an hour to cook.

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Vegetarian Soups

Vegetarian Soups - 10 filling soups10 filling soups:
”Soups are great all year round and this book has some tasty and filling new recipes to try out. When the soup is simmering – treat yourself to some everyday luxury with relaxing mindfulness practices included in the recipes.”
Making vegetarian soups is not difficult. But, to make them a filling meal can be a challenge. ”Vegetarian soups – 10 filling soups” contains 10 recipes of filling soups, all easy to cook and healthy. If you feel you want to increase your protein intake this book includes an extra recipe for protein rich bread.

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