Vegetarian food days

Vegetarian food daysFood is something worth celebrating. Now many foods have their own day and many of them are vegetrarian. A good occasion to try something you have not eaten before – or something you love eating.

Food days in January
1 January: International pizza day
29 January: Vegan pizza day

Food days in February
5 February: Nutella day
25 February: Grapefruit day
Februari – 47 days before Easter –  International pancake day. Mouthwatering pancake recipes.

Food days in March
9 March: Tomato sauce day
25 March – Waffle day

Food days in April
4 April: International Carrot day. Crunchy carrot recipes.
11 April: Sour dough day
12 April: Liquorice day
12 April: Lentil soup day

Food days in May
2 May: The day of nettles
27 May: Muffin day
27 May: Cheese day. Cheese recipes.

Food days in June
1 June: The day of milk
6 June: The day of fruit
18 June: International picknick day. Picnic recipes.

Food days in July
29 July: Lasagnens dag

Food days in August
1 August: The day of mustard
3 August: Watermelon day
20 August: Honey day

Food days in September
7 September: Mushroom day

Food days in October
1 October: World vegetarian day. Vegetarian recipes.
4 October: Cinnamon bun day
9 October or 12 October: The day of the egg
10 October: They day of porridge. Porridge recipes.
11 October: Apple cider day
15 October: Feta cheese day. Cheesy feta cheese recipes.
25 October: World pasta day
26 October: The day of the potatoe
28 October: Chocolate day. Sugar free chocolate recipes.

Food days in November
1 November: World Vegan Day. Vegan recipes.
7 November: Chocolate brownie day
14 November: Cheesecake day

Food days in December
9 December: Ginger bread day
18 December: The day of the cookie

Please note that these days may vary from country to country. But in any case, enjoy the food!

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