Protein rich smoothie with fruit and quark

Protein rich smothie with quarkAfter exercising or if the lunch was too light a protein rich smoothie is a good afternoon snack. The fruit contains vitamins and carbohydrates and the quark – or curd cheese – contains plenty of protein helping your body to recover quickly. The smoothie can be varied by replacing the raspberries and apple with for example blueberries and banana or any other fruit.

Cooking time 10 minutes for 1 portion

Nutritional value 1 portion: 222 kcal
36 g (60 E%)
3 g (11 E%)
17 g (29 E%)
*The percentage of protein is high. Guidelines are: carbohydrates 45-60 E%, fat 25-40 E% and protein 10-20%. Try to compensate for this during the day.


  • 150 ml / 1 2/3 oz skimmed milk, 1.5 % fat
  • 75 ml / 2 1/2 oz quark, 1 % fat
  • 100 ml / 3 1/2 oz raspberries
  • 1 apple

Cooking instructionsHow to

  1. Add everything to a mixer. Mix it. Pour into a glass. Enjoy.
  2. When you drink the smoothie, take a moment to be mindful. Sit down in a quiet place. Taste the smoothie, feel the temperature of the glas. Feel the contact of your body against the chair, your feet on the floor. Try to stay mindful throughout the time you drink the smoothie and as long as possible afterwards.

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