Green leaf smoothies – which leaves to use

Baby spinachGreen leaves is one of the healthiest things you can eat. They are good to mix into smoothies. Here are a couple of examples of green leaves you can use.


  • Alfalfa sprouts – can give a somewhat earthy flavour.
  • Mâche – has a mild flavour that will completely disappear in the fruit flavours. Good if you are unused to drinking green leaves.
  • Mung bean sprouts – can give a floury flavour.
  • Ruccola leaves – adds a very strong flavour, do not use too much especially if you are a beginner on green leaf smoothies and not so used to the bitter flavour.
  • Spinach leaves, baby spinach – tastes a little bit of spinach, but not too strongly. A very good “beginners leaf” if you do not want too much of a “green” flavour.
  • Baby beetroot – can have an earthy flavour, but nice in moderation.

Here are a few green smoothie recipes to try out:

Good luck and get in touch and tell us your own favourites!

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