Trick the kids into eating more greens

Frozen carrot pure

Frozen carrot pure to use in sauces

Do you have kids that think they will die if they eat something green, and are half way to scurvy? Well, you’re probably not alone.
Here are some tricks to make them eat a couple of vitamins:

  • Boil carrots and mix it to a smooth carrot pure. Deep freeze them in squares and add one in bolognaise, stroganoff or in stews.
  • Mix chickpeas smooth, you can mix in quite a bit of chickpeas in meatballs, meat pies and meatloaves without anyone noticing.
  • Grate onion finely; it should be fine enough so that the pieces won’t show up. Use them in ordinary dishes like you would with “normal” onion.
  • Boil and mix veggies like broccoli and cauliflower and add to food.


Just use a little bit the first time and then increase the amount gradually; otherwise you may encounter a backlash. More ideas will be gracefully accepted.

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