Cooking for vegans

vegan alternativesVegans eat only non-animal products. Apart from not eating meat, fish, egg and dairy products, there are also some other things to consider that are not as obvious.

Honey: Do not sweeten with honey. Honey has “travelled through” a bee and it is not accepted by strict vegans.

Gelatine: When making deserts, pectin is ok, but not gelatine – it is an animal product made of collagen from animals.

Quorn: You would think that Quorn works for vegans, but read the packaging, it contains egg white.

Pesto: Contains Parma cheese, from cows.

Replacements for animal products

Eggs: Do you need a substitute egg as a binding agent you can soak flax seeds and use the gel. If you use egg in baked goods, you can often use baking soda instead.

Butter: Use olive oil or vegan butter instead.

Milk and yogurt: There are a plenty of alternatives, soy milk, almond milk, rice milk and hazelnut milk to name a few.

Cheese: There are some vegan “cheeses” but you can also soak the cashew nuts and mix them in a blender to make a kind of soft cheese. This can also be used instead of cream. Some soy cheeses melt and also can be used for pizza.

Cream: Soak cashews overnight and run them in the blender to make a cashew nut cream.

Hot dogs: There are some vegan alternatives.

Glass: Buy tofu ice cream!

Don’t forget to goodle, there are lots of vegan recipes, just try a few.

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